One frequently hears these comments about religious people.

that they are altogether results of human creative energy or fear.

Very in spite of this, is the way that.

a great many people don’t prefer to be “secured” by religious standards.

If one somehow happened to look carefully into these religions.

particularly their sacred texts, one would see hidden likenesses in them.

Most observable is the presence of a Creator and that individuals will be considered responsible.

in eternal life, for their activities and will be compensated or rebuffed appropriately.

The idea of charming to God in the head of religious people

The idea of charming to God is so vital to all religions.

that it is unlikely that individuals around the globe – topographically and etymologically separated – made thoughts so comparable.

It isn’t remarkable to discover expressions and ideas which are strikingly comparative between various religions.

Likewise extremely regular is nearness of key figures.

who are basic to these religions and are good examples for their adherents.

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