My child, I think my life has been sufficiently long at this point. Also, I won’t visit Seoul any longer… however would it be excessively to inquire as to whether mum needed you to come visit me now and again?

mum miss you to such an extent. What’s more, I was so happy when I heard you were desiring the gathering. Be that as it may, I chose not to go to the school… .

For you… I’m sad that I just have one eye, and mum was a shame for you. When you were practically nothing, you got into a mischance, and lost your eye.

when mum is devoting her body

As a mum, I couldn’t stand watching you growing up with just a single eye… so I gave you mine… I was so glad for my child that was seeing a radical new world for me, in my place, with that eye. I was never furious about you for anything you did.

The couple times that you were furious with me. I contemplated internally, ‘this is on the grounds that he adores me.’ I miss the occasions when you were as yet youthful around me. I miss you to such an extent. I adore you. You mean everything to me

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