A disappointment feeling, A story that should’ve been distributed seven days back yet my new PC and I are still in the “Becoming acquainted with you” stage.

It would be ideal if you pardon me!

Numerous moons back the Universe devised that the Captain and I would not put in Christmas together that year.

I scoured the stores far.

And wide for a reasonable blessing to send with our eight-year old girl who might head out to visit her father.

I at last discovered, what I thought, the ideal blessing.

A snow-white dress shirt for night wear.

With a two-inch ornament down the front.

Carefully secured catches peeped through minor openings.

Boxed and wrapped and off it went in her gear.

To be introduced back to me a couple of days after the fact with the remark

disappointment is wanted that you didn’t being happy

“Father says she’ll never wear something like this. So you can take it back.”

Truly, I was harmed.

Truly, I was disappointment feeling.

In any case, long after the hurt had dealt with itself, the disappointment waited.

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