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Submit confession

You can Submit Your Confession in this Page. The Page to submit your confessions! Anonymously or not, the confessions submitted here may be used in a monthly or weekly “Confessions” post, so please use an alias if you don’t wish to be identified.  Email addresses will not be posted or used for any other purpose other than clarification, or safety concerns. Any submit confession having to do with abuse will be reported to the proper authority and not posted. Submit confession So, if you feel like participating, any and all “We must Confess” are welcome, big, small, in between and odd. “I ate the last donut” to “I’m not coping with my three month old’s incessant crying.” Let’s hear them! Tell me I’m not alone! Please, keep language clean if possible 🙂 Also, if you have suggestions for future “Confessions” topics, feel free to fill out the form of contact us and submit it with “Suggestion” as the indication. We are hoping that you trust us for your confessions. We won’t Show Your identity.

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