a secretary woman witnessed her boss's ugly things but she couldn't say
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a secretary woman witnessed her boss’s ugly things but she couldn’t say

I function as a secretary for a high positioning government official and during that time we have cooperated. We have progressed toward becoming companions despite the fact that in the meantime. I have experienced damnation with this man. To begin with, am a hitched lady yet he considers my significant other a worker in my face. Since he drives his security group, says I ought to have improved the situation. His primary issue that influences me the most is his flatulating issue. The man farts constantly be it in the workplace or in gatherings. I have seen a few times when individuals break out of a gathering. He is in light of the fact that they couldn’t withstand the foul gas he creates. Fear revealing to him that it’s inappropriate to do that in light of the fact that perhaps I would get terminated. I wish he could peruse this. The other issue is he lays down with a considerable measure of young ladies and by a great deal I mean like a lot of. A year ago I tallied the young ladies he engaged in sexual relations with ideal here in office.

secretary woman counted the girls who have relation with her boss

The number was 209, he even has intercourse with to the extent three young ladies in multi day. By young ladies, I mean college understudies who either need a reserve or cash however he does. secretary My children are presently in secondary school. And I instruct them to endeavor to set off for college. And yet I truly trust they don’t wed this school/college chicks in light of the fact. That sorry to learn 90% of them nowadays are so shoddy. And am stating this from what i’ve witnesses firsthand. Young ladies would prefer not to accomplish stuff through diligent work and rather will trade their bodies for cash. Yet, perhaps it’s a youthful age thing despite the fact. That regardless I consider how somebody so not attractive. And with terrible conduct has nailed more than 1000 young ladies over the period i’ve been his secretary. The other issue if clearly him tricking with his better half. Poor spouse has even endeavored to influence me commonly to tell on her significant other in light of the fact. That despite the fact that she realizes he cheats, she can never confirmation anything. I can’t likewise help her in light of the fact that from her better half is the place we get my day by day bread. And my troubles may proceed for whatever length of time that I live.

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