the first time i fall in love and got dumped in highschool
a love

the first time i fall in love and got dumped in highschool

my confession

Ok we must confess… here we go…. the identity sincierly bury it ….i am in the final of my 20’s …. well my confession is … for the first time i fall in love and got dumped in highschool i was hurt and it got hard… and i decided to turn ma self in addictional things like weed, cigarret, and most importantly Drinking…. and it was a great way of forgetting my first gf…. and after that the problems begun i started drifting apart from the normal society, and didnt have any normal friends all of them were much like me so addictive… i let go of my self completly and got so careless … and i ve been told many times i have a great sense of humer… and in someway funny … so wen i got to this other country i have the chance to meet some other chicks who were fun to hangout with and just have a goodtime not the serious types… and i was doing good i am having so much fun my income is not that bad either…or i thought so…. Then come this hot classy chick, she is so cute in words i cant explain and after time to time i developed a crush on her and a little while ago we started dating … and i tried my best to keep this gal satisfied in everything i do with her … but she isn’t the kind of gal u wanna have a goodtime and leave,she more the serious types… and after a some time we started dating i have fallen in love with her … but there was a problem she was the type of person who didnt show any hint, so hard to understand and low on emotions and afraid to express her feelings chooses to be silent in this situations… i couldnt tell if she is in love with me or not … and it has been so long since i was in serious r/n i didnt knw wat to do, and started to worrying more, questioning myself wat is going wrong with her, or am i the problem? , did i do something wrong ? And the more i think abt it the more my mind started to fuck up things in my head… i am scared i will lose her and afraid not to be broken hearted again… i wish she could be a little bit open to me just to make things great again… …. so i just started to hope for the best and prepare myself for anything that is gonna happen….

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