the lonely girl without family and money-hard life for young girl
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the lonely girl without family and money-hard life for young girl

I truly require help it’s argent I don’t have any individual who will going to reveal to me what to do n what not and i don’t have family who show me the true way . I am multi year old i am hear experiencing beginning my father kick the bucket that implies when I was 6 years old. I don’t know him well however people groups revealed to me he was a decent dad. I don’t recall the time I was so happy. I have spine issue which require a surgery. There is no healing center here. In any case, there is a little healing center that works with Ghana they endeavor to get somebody who can help us. They will cover the cash and we will go n have they surgery. I attempt to stay in contact with them. At whatever point I go there they let me know “u will have the medical procedure in the coming 2 years” n I held up loyally 8 years.

After 8 years she lost her everything like her family

Also, following multi year’s they disclosed to me they cannot encourage me and they instructed me to discover 18000 dollars. How might I get that i am heart broken I lost my entire expectation I lost my self so tired of offending by my family n the people. I have this Nick name when I was high school “Gobite”. I spend my entire night by crying n the following d I wake up like nothing happened. family I am tired of this phony life. my mum is so selfish. My mum is intending to go Jerusalem. As opposed to set aside some cash for my medical procedure she don’t care about me. She instructed me to abandon her alone. It harms excessively bad. I have a sweetheart he adores me. Furthermore, he acknowledge all of my weakness. He needs to wedded me however I said no because first I must be upbeat to make glad family. I don’t need to resemble my mum. And I need to have the medical procedure so awful that can just change my life, and I want to have happy family. Please help me I need to bite the dust I would prefer not to live like this please help me please!!!!

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