'Marriage' for me has been a clear picture of slavery and servitude
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‘Marriage’ for me has been a clear picture of slavery and servitude

Hi, thank you for this platform, it makes me feel less complicated. As is the norm, please hide my identity.

The Story

I have been with my man for a little over 5 years and I can confidently say he is DEAD WEIGHT. My reason for saying this is that he has not worked in over two years, doesn’t care about finding ways to raise money for any basic necessities, let alone small indulging activities. I don’t have a job myself and I find myself dating older men just to get cash for my 2 babies fees, rent and pretty much everything else. The funny thing, he likes talking about how he can never forgive a cheat but deep down he knows I see other men. Sometimes I want to fuck him but just thinking of what he’s putting us through makes me want to cheat on him so badly. I know you might ask, why not leave him? Well, he is the first born in his family and since he has done nothing in his life or his family’s, they probably won’t take him in as a burden and he knows this all too well so he keeps up the facade of being too busy to travel home to see them. He has turned into a third baby for me and I have no respect at all for him. I’m just going to keep seeing these other men until my life gets a bit more stable coz I honestly don’t think I want to be with anyone anymore. In fact, as soon as I am stable I plan to leave him with the kids and still be providing but I shall have my own life separately as I try to recover any youth left in me. ‘Marriage’ for me has been a clear picture of slavery and servitude and I abhoooore it with my entire being. *spits* Anyway, men here please make sure to actually take care of your woman instead of putting her through hell like me. I am beautiful but if all my money didn’t go into taking care of the household, I swear I would be a top model. Thanks once again, even if I feel more bitter by actually admitting this to myself and others.   ———————-⇓You Can Also Read⇓ —————————– ⇒ Today am going to talk about my current relationship. ⇒What is love ? ————————————————————————–

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