Am worried about my life because I can't pay my bills anymore.
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Am worried about my life because I can’t pay my bills anymore.

My life has not been very easy but I’ll go straight to the point. I was in my time of healing after a very bad heartbreak I had with in previous relationship, when I met guy let’s call him ken. We were working in the same place though in different departments he was so romantic, caring loving, name them all. I somehow fell in love with him and we started dating after two months I realised I was pregnant, I was worried because I never expected it and still I felt young to be pg. Ken was so happy that I was pregnant and he told me that he will marry me as soon as possible. After two months later I left the job due to various reasons and went home I stayed at home for two months and later got a job in the same town where Ken was. I rented a house for myself and after a week I realised Ken had changed, he never called me unless I call. It went on like that and he told me that for the two months I left him and went home he got married to another Lady, I got shocked but I knew he was lying, because he was not ready for the responsibility.

pregnant time

Currently am 7to8 months pregnant, and my manager realised that am pg and he fired me. Am worried because I can’t pay my bills anymore. Am jobless and I need to support my child.   you can also read the first time i fall in love and got dumped in highschool I met up with this Lady at a club when my old friend

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