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when I was in collage, I met this girl via my room mate

I have a confession, so when I was in collage, I met this girl via my room mate she was looking for a rent house and I had one empty room so he asked me to show her the room I was smoking when I met her; latter on she told me she has this unexplainable attraction to bad boys this being that she is a hard core Christian girl, so when on the way I showed her interest in her personal life and I made her laugh so hard telling her abt my experience in collage and when we finally got their and I showed her the room she loved it but it was twice as expensive as any other homes so she fold and took my friend no: and so she call as after she think abt it early on the next morning she called and took as on our offer, but we found out she is from our university and she is employed on the compus as they thought they wouldn’t want to take the risk of getting kicked out of the mansion by our neighbors complain cuz all we do is drink smoke and fuck we have some many different fuck ups staying their; so she again offerd more money but they wouldn’t accept, finally she left but not before asking for my no. See I went to the city and she came actually to see me. So after I came back from the city after a week she invites me to her new home saying she got this traditional drug called (chat) and what it does is races ur mind but sexually you wouldn’t have a boner even if mia khalifa was sucking u off, she had another idea rather we go to the club and we get drink, so we went with that but she just had on beer and I had the whole bar, she offered we go to my place but I told my homies that I was studying on compus grounds for the night, so i had some how convinced her to go to her place. Problem was her land Lord is a hard core Muslim and she ain’t going to take our shit light, so she went to the front door and I sneeked in throu her window. On first sight my eyes couldn’t believe what they seeing, the whole room was covered by paintings of holy stuff and I was contemplating how I was going to paint her teeth. So she opened up to me and told me she is a really good girl and went throu all this just to lour me to her place as if the posters of Jesus Crist starring me down wasn’t freaking me out already. So we sat down and talked then we started playing a game of truth or dare, we got to playing dare and she orders me all this work outs and I was fucking wasted so after she undressed me I asked her if I could kiss her she said yes and closed her eyes, I hooked my tongue down her throat and went from their down to her neck from their down to her crouch. At first it wasn’t great when I first smelled her panties it was stained but I was drunk so I went with it for like 5 tests and I told my self this wasn’t the night, idiotly she grabbed me by the hair and forced Me down I struggled to show I wasn’t feeling it instead I stared rubbing her clit, she kept repeating don’t stop till I cum and understandably it was her first and I sought to it that she had a good time. I still didn’t let her cum tho, I whipped out my dick and put a rubber on and when I was just abt to stroke that p,

She grabbed and flinched and said “am not ready yet” and of course I reacted but not in a aggressive manner but in a calm and cool like manner.

I decided I wasn’t going 2 speak to her for the rest of the night, but she turned and started crying and begging saying”please don’t hate me Am new at this and I don’t know what am suppose to do”.  And I didn’t reply cuz first she tricked me to being here and second i was horny as fuck too on top of all I was drunk. So out if nowhere she unzipped my pants and with out second thoughts she started sucking me off

Now what was wrong for me was when she’s was sucking me off, she kept calling me by a wrong name,  And I couldn’t be in the moment cuz she kept saying did u like it like this Mr. Unknown and that she also was doing it very wrong her teeth keeps scratching and more and when I told her to stop and told her its ok

Sh kept crying. So that was my experience with a lying virgin

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