a guilt

I have been looking for affection my whole life

I have been looking for affection my whole life so I search for it everywhere I don’t even set alot of criteria to date a guy and the guy whom I have been with was in on and off relationship which I don’t give that much attention since he clearly told me he is not relationship kind of guy so I accepted his idea…. but recently things between us started to change and started to act as boyfriend but when I ask him what I mean to him he doesn’t say anything then I tried to ignore him n dated another guy and suddenly there was strong sexual tension and end up having sex then the next day, the previous guy told me he is now ready to be my boyfriend and even introduced me to his friends as his girl,and that night I also have had sex with him which left me with guilty mind since I haven’t been totally innocent as he was and feel like am cheap or something. What shall I do now I’m confused plz advise me.

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