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I have been in a relationship

I have been in a relationship with a certain dude for almost 1 year… Its a long distance relationship and all was well but lately things have changed. This guy is a stable guy and i am also stable financially so there is no way he would think i love him for his cash…. Okey i was supposed to take him home for introductions and i have postponed it like forever…. every time i fail him my excuse is the distance.. ain’t sure of anything for reasons ul find below.. So every time we fight its always about our meeting or the introduction issue…. He always threatens to leave evry time we fight…. I never beg him to stay anyway i don’t care….. Bt he comes back later asking for forgiveness…. n begging me to take him home since he wants a wife badly.. Honestly i love this guy… He is the best hv ever had but then i stopped giving it my all since he keeps saying if i want to i can leave… this guy is too clean he is not the cheating type…. He can leave his phone with me and insists that i should pick up all the incoming calls… He has many businesses so i help him whenever he is busy…. I have not found anything to make me doubt him…. But his character makes me sick…. Lately he can stay for a day without calling or sending any messages…. i feel like walking out!!

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