3 real incest stories | In love with my colleague and Indecent Proposal

real incest stories

first real incest story about in love with my colleague:

So I’ve had a crush on my colleague for like over a year now which leads me to believe that I’m in love with him. He’s younger than me though.
We have a pretty close relationship as we hang out and talk on the phone outside of work. But my love for him is getting too intense. I’ve had numerous dreams of me being intimate with him and now it’s all I really think about.

real incest stories - in love

I get jealous when he hangs around other female colleagues, well only one in particular because I have this feeling she likes him too.

There was a time we hung out and he said that he kinda had feelings for me too and that he wanted to kiss me but nothing came from it.

I still feel like he may have feelings for me but I don’t know anymore. I’ve tried distancing myself but I keep getting sucked back in. I just feel so drawn to him.

true incest story - in love with m colleague

He says things that make me feel he doesn’t like me like that but he does things that contradict. For example he would say he wouldn’t wanna be with a girl that’s over 3 years older than him (I’m going to be 4 years older than him) but then he wants book apartments with me for a few days.

incest sex confession

Maybe he just wants to have sex but why can be openly express that? Because I won’t lie I really really wanna have sex with him too I could just image it being so passionate and deep but I’m a virgin soo lowkey I’m scared.

Anyway I just don’t know what to do in this situation because I’m supposed to be scheduling a piano lesson with him (me teaching him) and I’m nervous I’ve been holding it off for ages just nervous.

Everyone tells me I should like forget about him he’s still going through his hoe stage and I’m just going to end up getting myself hurt.

I’ve tried to stay away but he draws me back in with a late night call where we are talking about deep stuff or go hang out and get bubble tea and talk about more deep stuff or our after work walks to the bus stop or spontaneous trip to a bubble tea places or go grab a bite to eat.

I just dunno what to do. I told him that is booking a apartment together for a few days to hangout is a bad idea because I have feelings for him and he just said “ohh I didn’t know you still had like feelings for me. Is it going to be mad for you” and I’m like wtf does that mean? He never directly say he didn’t feel the same way but it’s an opportunity to say so right so maybe he doesn’t..?


Second real incest story about Indecent Proposal

I had an affair with a married man which has caused me problems in my life daily that I can no longer live a normal life.

I was wrong for leading him on. I regret anything happened. I want to move on with my life but I am afraid of leaving.

Second real incest story about Indecent Proposal

He took everything from me and the abuse won’t stop happening. I quit school. I want to quit my job. I can not go on anymore pretending to be happy when I’m not happy. I’ve been humiliated everywhere I go people whisper.

I wish I could die. I’m very hurt about what happened. If I quit my job I will go through the same thing wherever I work or live. I was wrong to allow it to happen and it won’t go away.

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Third real incest story about Pain

I admit to falling in love more than once in my lifetime. I found that my boyfriend’s mother thought I was too poor and uneducated for their son who had more going for them than I had.

Third real incest story about Pain

The odds of meeting a good man to marry was oblique. The names of the men I befriended whisper in the wind were Carlton, Charles, Maurice, Arnold, Lonnie, Andre, Elijah…a priest, an author from Austria, black date up dot com.

My problem with getting married I’m afraid of committing myself to a man. I’m always the one getting hurt because I’m not good enough or maybe I’m too insecure to hold on and give it a chance taking the next step trying to make things work.

An old boyfriend shows up and explains I’m like that with all the guys even him so relationships don’t work out for me. I’m immature. I’m insecure that I’m too poor and I’m told I’m not good enough.

I get jealous easily of their other women or I’m jealous of him. I hold in my emotions and I cry a lot it’s not going to work I often repeat in doubt so I walk out thinking I have my life ahead of me leaving me alone lonely with no man no kids and no family. Go figure it but I don’t put my business in the streets. do you like to know my incest sex story?

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