Confess to his crush | When lust fills the air


I have become an ardent follower of your channel confessions. I got a confession. There is a first cousin of mine who is like 3yrs older than me.

She is married. There is this one time her husband used to work in Nyeri with some Chinese company and I was working in Nairobi after high school waiting to join campus.

I  must confess to my crush!

So this cousin of mine called me, to tell me she wants to visit her husband in nyeri and since she didnt know nyeri well I could pick her from country bus and take her to tea room where she could go to nyeri. I agreed to help her. She came and after some chitchat I took her to tearoom stage. She went to nyeri. The following day she called me and told me she is back in nyeri and I should go take her from tea room as she may get lost.

When I saw her I instantly knew all was not well. She told me she was not in a hurry. I took her to uhuru Park and we ate some fries which I had bought. She told me she found out her hubby had another woman and she confronted him and they differed and slept in some guest room and came back. I told her she need not worry. I must confess I always had a crush on her very long time; but I always held back as I never knew how to let her know.

I told her there is no need to go home that day as she could spent and go the following day. She accepted my offer. We left uhuru Park and strolled in town waiting for the day to end. Evening came and since I had a girlfriend I feared taking her to. My house would bring issues as she may be told that I came with another woman to my house. I booked a hotel room in town.

what happening in hotel?

love and bed

I told her she can sleep there as we couldn’t go the house. By now our conversation had changed and all indications were that I needed her and I could see lust in her eyes. Only that we dared not say it outright. Now the time to sleep came. I entered with her to that hotel room and I pushed my luck further by asking her if I could keep her company to which she accepted and gave me a warning that we shall sleep with clothes on lest we get tempted.

But after 30 minutes I lay my hand on her waist. I pushed further and placed it on her ass. It was round, massive and tempting I tell you. She giggled and told me to stop being naughty. But I knew her needs had not been taken care of in nyeri. hehe. She turned and simply kissed me without any formality nor warning. The rest is history.

Nobody is matter!

I fucked my cousin the whole night. At around 10pm she called her husband and told him that she too was with a real man and he should not bother keeping that woman he had. He got so worried he began calling me since he knew I am the one who had directed her through town. I ignored his call as I was already fucking his wife silly.

Then on the fifth call I took the phone and told him his wife didn’t call me when going back. He told me she left nyeri and wanted to know if I may know her whereabouts as he had called home and she hadn’t arrived back in shags yet. I laughed with my cousin after that call.

deep kiss

Then I guess his calls used to make me hornier than. The sex beast I would rise with every call. That night I fucked her for nine rounds. Her pussy became sore. She told me was unable to sit well in the bus back home. After that incident I have fucked my cousin not less than a hundred times. Her last born kid is mine and the hubby doesn’t know. We still fuck .I now married but I must say my cousin is the sweetest lady I have had so far.

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