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When wanted fun but become pregnant

Confession!!! I was in college…I had a boyfriend .I loved him somehow but he was broke. No outings. akinipea dooh mob ilikua mia tatu. Let me call him (thitima) so. confession of sex The village gal in me wanted fun. Was in a hostel around Negara.so one day I met Simon. He was really something and lived around Negara. We started fucking. He was so good but I felt he just needed company. I was OK. I still had my boo thitima and I kept this as a secret. I got pregnant. I told Simon. It was his baby. I told thitima too but it wasn’t his. Being a college gal and I had dreams I decided to abort. confession of pregnant I told Simon and confess but he didn’t take responsibility. thitima did. I lied to my guardians of a compulsory trip to coast and I got 8k. By then I had moved to huruma and staying alone. I showed a friend who is a chemist. I would get a safe abortion and I went. The ka doc there “mungu akaone tu kwenye kako” told me to lay on a bed. Akaingiza kitu flani but haikua inatoshea. So he said he needs to open the way and the only way was to fuck me…stupid me nikaingia box. He did his thing and inserted some pills inside and the deal was done. thitima was furious but understood I had to finish college but I never mentioned the doc fucked me. Simon past tense.

I confess that when size is matter

I continued dating thitima but I feel he wasn’t my type.We were not compatible. He has a nice cock and was awesome in bed. big cactus I lied to him I don’t go out. I used to go out a lot and I met moseti in a club. We started hooking up on Sato .He was so cute and his body was my fantasy. His dick’s size was tiny and I actually never felt good when we fucked. But I pretended. He got me pregnant and duped me. I had broken up with thitima but he was still pursuing me. I was desperate. I couldn’t tell my folks. thitima was my only hope. I told him I was pregnant and the guy duped me. He got mad. I begged him and moved to his place by force with all my stuff I was a month pregnant. Had just cleared college. thitima said I had a week to leave but I didn’t. Finally he became soft and assured to take care of us so long as moseti was not to bother us. It was like honeymoon during the Next 8months. He took care of me and loved me and escorted me to clinic. Take me for walks. But hakua na job stable. He was unable to raise full rent at times. He introduced me to his family. The baby was born. His family came. Brought gifts. It was awesome.

Everything changed when he accused me

mtoi aka grow. at 8mths I got a job. I started doing well .mtoto nilikua naleleka daycare. My thitima changed. He didn’t want me to work. Accused me of getting home late that am with other men. I saying now bossy because I have money and have met better men than him. It was all lies. I never cheated. He started denying me money. I try his family but didn’t change. He slapped me once. I persevered for two years hoping at a change but he got worse. One day I decided to call it quit. And I left with my baby. He tried getting me back. lonely whit baby But I said never again. This is my 3rd year since I left. No regrets. I would have stayed. I had decided to make a home with him but he made it impossible. He helped me when I was desperate. I hear his life is a complete mess but I can’t go back. He messed us. I hoping to settle again. With someone else someday. This was my confession.

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