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A confession of unwanted secret relationship

My confession goes like this. I have this girl whom I’m very fond of and she’s super-hot, Brown skin and thick as fuck. Sex with her is awesome too and I know she enjoys it too because of what I came to find out. I refused to buy her a phone and Things got a bit interesting. She got spoils. You see, she’s very carefree girl and I’ve replaced her phone two previous times due to her carelessness.   Now since she can’t stay without communicating with me she started using her friend’s phone who’s an immediate neighbor. She’d take the phone and we’d chat in the afternoons or talk etc. there’s this one time I called and her friend picked up because she was far from my chick and we had a small conversation and I joked I’ll surely repay her for being so kind.

When I realize her friend text me

After some weeks while talking to my girl I reprimanded her for using her friend’s phone at night to text me which is inconsiderate. My chick said she had returned the phone by around six it wasn’t yet nightfall. I was stunned but pretended I was joking then carried on the conversation so my chick wouldn’t suspect. After that call I sat and realized that her friend was the one texting me. Mafisi Tyalala!!! The line wasn’t on WhatsApp so I didn’t know how she looked like and the more I wondered the more I got a raging boner. I played it cool…planning my moves carefully because it could be a trap. Hapa ndio tofauti ya fisi na mbweha hujitokeza. Fisi ni mjanja but mlafi mbweha hupatwa akila lisio lake. my confession of checking message So anyways. Like clockwork a message checks in about midnight and we get to chatting and things went hot very quickly…of course I was in the driving seat of this conversation and now that I knew it wasn’t my girlfriend I even noticed the difference in spelling etc. we went on for an hour or so and made sure I left her wet and bothered. Then I promised to go see her the next day. All this while acting as if I didn’t know it’s the friend. “Make sure your neighbor is there so I tell her thanks personally…she’s very nice for helping you with her phone” hehe. So the following morning my girlfriend calls me and says she was told I’m coming excitedly. I felt like laughing. I didn’t want to go early but they kept bugging me and I could hear her friend in the background. So I showered, dressed my best and headed out. I went to a supermarket then bought them all the sweet nothings that girls love. I arrived to find them waiting for me on the balcony. Then her friend ducked!!! I only got a glimpse of her but only just! deep hug My girlfriend rushed down to welcome me with a big hug then she noticed my dick was already bulging in my trousers. Little did she know why? She punched me on the shoulder jokingly and said I was horny because I stayed a while from seeing her. We went upstairs and as I was entering my girlfriends place I heard the neighbor’s door creak a bit and I knew someone peeking. Mafisi Tibim? I got in and as soon as I sat down my girlfriend jumped on top and sat on my laps and gave me a deep kiss. But my eyes were on the door just looking. No wishing her friend comes in. Up to now I haven’t seen how she looks like.

I brush her off

I get impatient and ask my girl to get me a glass of water or something else. She’s like that can wait she wants me. Goes to kiss me but I brush her off and say I’m tired I want to send her a soda to the shop we drink. She gets up and pulls down her skirt and says she’ll get a glass of water and picks up the stuff I’d brought to take to the kitchen but I grab one bag (I’d asked the supermarket to pack separately). confession of sexyboy She asks what’s up I say it’s for her friend. Her expression changes but I reassure her it’s a form of thanks for letting us use her phone then she says she’ll give it to her later on but I insist she calls her I give it to her personally. My girlfriend says she won’t. She actually doesn’t like her friend because she’s too nosy I relent. She goes to get the water and we start making out. Boobs out I lick the nipples gently then slide my hand down her panties then she spreads her legs wide. It’s going down!! Kidogo kidogo there’s a knock.

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