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A girl’s confession | From rape to pregnant

Hi I see here it’s where we tell all our sins thanks to you mother confessor. So after high school I was so naive; I went with my so called friend at his house to drunk. He forced himself on me it was the worst thing that had ever happened to me. I was so traumatized and kept praying. I was so scared, I had no one to talk to, even had suicidal thoughts that kept raging into my head.  

This is not just my confession

I’m telling you guys most girls go through rape and it’s hard because 90% go unreported, even when I sought medical help the doctor could not believe me. It pained me for about two years and the guy was busy enjoying his stupid life. That incident sort of unleashed a beast in me instead I choose to revenge. I broke a couple of hearts and had multiple partners. I would date 3 guys at a time and still afford to cheat on them anyway at my teenagehood. There was this one time encounter with this certain lady though I was always attracted to girls, I don’t know if I am bisexual. party-and-sex

When I had same-sex in party

I got invited for a party, it was late and with my lonely kind of life I just wanted to get wasted throughout that night; So by the time I was getting to the party the drinks were almost running out; So I didn’t get drunk as I had planned for bored and went to bed. Then some horny ass laid next to me. She started touching my breast and my waist, then to my kitty and for a moment I freaked out, I got so freaking wet and I tried to stop her. Being alone with her in the room. I just turned and we really kissed so good and felt so heavenly. We went to the backyard and I did finger her pretty good. She was mourning so loud and it made me even hotter. Her boobs were so amazing. lesbian I sucked her nipples very good. Her pussy was so wet that she even squatted on my hands as soon as she was about to start playing with my kitty; We have a good same-sex. my dude friends caught us and it was a little bit shameful; because two of them had tried to kiss me, but I never liked them. They started telling out that I was gay so the rumor started. I had even avoided them for a whole year.

Finally I met him

first-dating So recently I’ve met this guy he’s 2 years younger than me. He is good on bed. The first time we went on a date he took me to the coast and as soon as we checked in the hotel room he started kissing me so deeply; I got really turned on, then he pulled up my top got to my boobs sucked them so good, he removed my pants then headed for my kitty; He ate kitty out of me before realizing it, I was begging for his cock, the stokes he gave me were so damn good that I even called out my mamma. Damn we had sex like 7 times that day till I passed out in bed lol.

I scared of losing him

Aside from the good sex, he’s so loving and I scared. I am pregnant Two weeks and I don’t even know what to tell him though he kept on telling me he wants to settle down with me. pregnant I so fucking scared. He is flying out and I don’t know if he’ll agree to father our child or I just do what most girls do. Anyway moral of the story: break a few hearts one day you might land on a good heart. I love my babe so much. I scared of losing him .

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