A bisexual mom makes my heart flutter

sex and confessions

I have a  freaky confession about having sex with a bisexual mom. I had a dry spell (sex drought) that had lasted for five months since I parted ways with my previous partner. The sight and touch of every girl in the public places would bring my blood boiling to the surface. Then one Sunday evening, in a vehicle to take me home, after the usual day, I sat at the back seat of a bus and thinking hard.

my confession about sex

It all started with the touch of the hands

The seat had an unoccupied space for one person. Then I saw a lady whom I presume to have been in her mid-thirties coming to occupy the empty space. As usual, just like all travelers in Nairobi, I pretended to be in deep thought for things out of this world. It did not take long before the vehicle started moving. It started raining and everyone started talking in low tones how they had forgotten to carry umbrellas and such things about the environment. The bus moved slowly in the traffic jam.

I took an involuntary nap having been sandwiched between two ladies. The vehicle moved past our station and I did not even notice. When the vehicle approached the final station, everyone started getting up to leave. At this point “lady mercy” was heard.

I held on the metal bar of the seat in front and the woman who had sat beside me, also held on that bar. The bus  hit a bump and our hands came touching. At first she removed her hand quickly. But, on hitting some potholes our palms rocked again and at this time she let our hands stay in that way for some time. My heart pounded and I realized this was my time to act.

I placed one of my fingers between the place where her thumb and index fingers held the metal bar of the front seat. It did not take long to realize she was also enjoying this game. She moved her palm close to my fingers and held my finger that was between her thumbs tightly. By this time, everyone had left the vehicle and we were the only passengers inside it. The Driver said “end of the road” and we had to get out.

sexy touch in bus

She called me naughty boy

Standing up was a problem because some parts of my body were already “up in arms” and she noticed this and jokingly called me naughty boy! She kept repeating you are a naughty boy until we were out of the vehicle. She waited for me at a distance and I did waste the chance.

I escorted her and she started telling me how I was making her blood boil in the inside of vehicle. She asked me why I was naughty but from her voice, I could confess she was interested in the continuity of our escapades in the bus. She asked me if I had a wife and how long I had stayed in dry spell. We chatted a little; she gave me her number and gave me a passionate deep kiss.

walk and confess

she was a bisexual mum

I started tracking my way back home. We texted each other almost the whole night. After some pestering, she promised to come to my place one evening. Every day was like a year. Finally, the evening appeared and we met at the place we had designated over the chats. She came to my house and we had dinner. It didn’t take long before we started chatting naughty and she told me she was a single mother and a bisexual, yes a bisexual mom. She was driving me crazy at that time.

confess about having sex with a bisexual

She wore revealing clothes and I didn’t wait for further intro. I held her, as we stood right beside the bed. I moved her backwards kissing passionately, and she did not resist falling on the bed. There was no time for foreplay one thing led to another and the lust I held for months came to the surface. She did not disappoint; she was a natural mourner .She mourned with every single touch and up to now I am yet to experience such mourns from anyone else. We finished the first love making session wonderful.

When the rain was her reason for staying

She told me she wanted to go, and I agreed to escort her but just before we got out of the gate it started raining heavily. There was no way I would let us be wet at ten in the night, so I requested her to spend the night with me.We fucked like three times that night and I enjoyed everything. The next day we woke up early and still had sex. She left for her home later on.

A confession: I miss her

Unfortunately, I lost my phone that day and hadn’t saved her contacts elsewhere and I didn’t know her place. I think she sent text messages and made calls that went unanswered. This might have made her to think I cut communications with her because she is a bisexual mom,maybe!

sex and confession

And I confess How I miss those moments we spent together.

This was my confession about having sex with a bisexual mum.

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