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5 confessions about Betrayal,Guilty and Sin | please judge stories

Hello Ong, I am female, doing this for the first time ever that i tell about guilt but i feel i should just say it. I am married. My husband whom we’ve been married for quite a long time works for the military and we mostly hang out like just one month in a whole year. I will keep it as undetailed as possible for obvious reasons. guilty A year and a half ago i started sleeping with a guy, 16 years younger than me and it went on for a few months. He is still a student at a local university. I Am not proud of it, i hate myself for it, i haven’t done it in six months but i miss it. I’ve tried therapy but it’s not working. After i do it, i feel so bad, that i punish myself, there was a day i deep fried my finger as punishment. The guilt almost makes me want to commit suicide. If there was a way i could erase this part of my memory i would no matter how costly it is. Punishment I know my husband is an honest man and i wouldn’t want my kids to experience that kind of an experience in the hands of someone else but i feel like am addicted to it. Kindly don’t post any of my details because many will understandably judge me.
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Hi, I truly have a confession that I have never told anyone even my wife, way back. When I was in class eight that’s in 1998.. Being a catholic school. There was this catholic priest who became so close to me. So close in the name of teaching me how to play guitar. So one evening he requested me to meet him at church hall to take me through the lessons. In the process he started asking me if i had a girlfriend. motor-bike I blushed it off which followed by him reaching my private part, I didn’t know what to do cause that’s what I least expected from him. He went down on me, took my d in his mouth till I exploded. He then made it a habit as he would entice with money. At no time i ever went down on him. No one noticed or sensed a thing as he would come on his motorbike to pick me from home for an escapade. It continued till the day he was transferred to another diocese. woman-smoking hey admin. i have a confession to make. I am a married woman in my early thirties. my husband is a staunch believer and we both attend sunday services together but there is one thing to this day hajawaijua kunihusu. I still smoke weed to this day. I started doing it back in college and hadi leo sijawai stop and i don’t think i will any time soon. i have a shop a kilometer away from my house and normally i smoke jioni around that area before niende kwangu then perfume myself heavily. very few people know i do. My biggest dream would be to introduce my husband to smoking weed but i know that will never happen. hide my name. nice time masturbation Hi, I have a confession. I am married with two kids. my confession is that i am a masturbation addict. I never do it when my hubby is around but i do it at least six days in a week. My husband has a good dick and is good in bed but still i can’t stop it. I download erotic content mostly on telegram channels everyday, watch and then do it. It’s been eight years now and siachi. Maybe i need psychiatric help or something. Thanks and i trust you with my contacts cheating-wife I have a confession. my husband has been a drunkard all his life. i married him knowing very well what he was but thought that someday i will change him. That someday haiku fan our marriage started falling into pieces little by little. Some time last year, i started using telegram. soon i got a link to a porn channel and started watching porn on a regular basis. I started frequent masturbation, almost everyday because my husband rarely makes love to me. Then this guy rents the house right on top of ours. he used to fuck different girls everyday. I normally sleep late and while my husband was busy ngórotaring, this guy was busy turning me on, from his house. until one day after watching a porn of a guy that resembled him i decided enough is enough. I went to his house, told him nataka kujua my new neiba and he immediately kissed me, without saying a word. That kiss awakened the beast in me and we had sex hapo hapo on his living room. ata we hadn’t talked or anything, we didn’t know each other. I don’t think anyone else has ever done that, i had great and continue to have great sex. later ndiyo he told me alikua ananitamani from a far pia but knew i was in an unsatisfying marriage. thanks and hide my identity

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