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we want to create an online confession chat room; donate us please

please donate us to increasing stories and we will create an online confession chat room for chatting together about your confessions and confess online online confession chat room Hello dear visitors I haven’t been on the website for a long time and unfortunately I couldn’t publish better stories for you. All of this has happened because of personal and financial problems, but now I’m going to improve the website and need your help. I just created an online confession chat tool that you can see it right bottom of website for you and I’m going to publish some new stories and topics. In the future I would like to create a chat room for our website visitors so you can chat with each other online. I need your help to build this room and publish more. I can build this room for $ 1000 and publish 30 stories. You can send me your donations from the lowest possible amount via my PayPal email and I will publish the your donation amount on donate page. Thanks

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